The Order of Things

No one could say the construction was not well-planned.  The site selection committee, although it consisted of one, checked the entire area for the best site.  Several acceptable locations were found, but the one selected was located at 104 Ingram Street.

No time was wasted.  Once the site was found, construction began at once.  I observed the activity from my bathroom window.  The bird immediately started the nest.  The first items used were large twigs.  The bird seemed tireless, making hundreds of trips carrying an assortment of materials, pine straw, leaves, bark, ect.  In a surprisingly short time, the construction was finished.  The nest was round with a large indentation in the center.  The final construction materials were leaves to make a soft bottom.

Once the nest was finished, it was immediately put to its intended use.  Through my bathroom window, I observed the appearance of one speckled egg.  The next day I checked again, but there was no change, just one solitary egg.  I continued to check daily but only the one lonely egg was in the nest.  I wondered if the bird had abandoned the project but could not believe, after all that work, it would have voluntarily stopped its plans.

The site selected seemed to be perfect.  It was in a holly bush on the outside of the northeast corner of the house, which protected it from westerly and northerly wind.  The thick foliage of the bush completely hid the nest from view.  The site committee seemed to have done an excellent job.  Unfortunately, one significant fact had been overlooked.  Near the nest was our large heating unit which a predator could use as a launching pad.

As I looked again out my bathroom window, the mystery of what happened to the bird was solved.  Lying on the top of the heating unit was a large calico-colored cat soaking up the sun.  Nearby were the feathers of the bird.

Not in a thousand years could the purring of the cat replace the pleasure one could get from the joyous melody of one song from the bird.  This is the nature of things.

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