A Meal Missed

We always had a large flock of outside chickens.  They fended for themselves. except that we always threw them some corn late in the afternoon.  They showed their appreciation by keeping us well supplied with eggs and enough male fryers to have fried chicken on occasions.  To replenish our flock, a number of hens were allowed to hide their nests and to hatch their eggs.  This meant that in the summer months we had at least one, maybe more, hens each with some ten or twelve chicks.  This made our farm a great shopping area for chicken hawks.  The chickens hawks' presence could be known not only by seeing one, but also by the whistling sound they made.  One summer day, a chicken hawk announced his intention to have a meal from our barnyard.  My mother objected to this.  She got our twelve gauge shot gun and took a position near the chicks.  The chicken hawk glided over, and Mother took a shot at him.  No damage was done to the hawk, but he decided to forgo the meal and flew away.

We almost always had several frying chickens in the flock.  When unexpected company arrived, Mother would say, 'Boys, catch me a couple of fryers.'  We would chase them down and cut off their heads with an ax.  Then they'd be fried for lunch.

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